September 20, 2021

Tribe Technology Enterprise creates 120 new jobs in the Way, Malsk, facility.

Economy Minister Gordon Lyons announced the job creation during a visit to the Enterprise Way site.

Based in Perth, Australia, Tribe Technology designs, manufactures and sells independent drill rigs for the minerals industry.

Mr Lyons said: “Northern Ireland has a diverse manufacturing and engineering sector that has grown almost three times faster than the rest of the UK in recent years. I welcome Tribe technology to this dynamic and highly sophisticated sector. Happy to be

Minister of Economy Gordon Lyons with Charlie King, Managing Director of Tribe Technology and Ann Baggs, Director Trade and Investment for Investments NI.

“Tribe Technology aims to create 120 new engineering jobs over the next five years. These roles provide an opportunity to engage in the development and preparation of modern drilling systems, as well as attractive salaries. Once all roles are played. So this investment will make the NI economy more than 3 million m in annual salaries.

The Department of Economy launched its 10X Economy Vision in May. It focuses on the ability to innovate to provide a 10 times better economy with benefits for all of our people.

The Minister added: “Using better technology and methods for better competition is central to our continued success in manufacturing. This is exactly what Tribe Technology is doing for the mining industry. Here in Northern Ireland. What he intends to do is state-of-the-art – designing and developing a new, smart autonomous drilling system for the mining industry. I really enjoyed meeting you.

Charlie King, Managing Director of Tribe Technology, Northern Ireland, is originally from Crosser.

Talking about the company’s decision to set up the new facility in Newtownby, Charlie said: “I have spent more than a decade working in the contract drilling industry in Australia. We have developed a brand new product. Pointed out the opportunity that will revolutionize the drill rig industry for the global mineral industry. Tribe technology will free all operators from the dangers of drilling operations, reduce drilling costs and increase drilling uptime. Will

This new drilling system will be manufactured at our new Belfast manufacturing facility here at Enterprise Way, Malsk and then shipped first to our customers in Western Australia and later globally. We decided to explore manufacturing in Northern Ireland because of the heavy manufacturing industry expertise here.

“Finally, it’s great to see the new factory running and to work well to manufacture these new veins. Although we’re just starting out, we’ve already recruited 14 people to the team. The market for our technology Demand has been strong and we look forward to increasing production capacity ahead of schedule.

Invest Northern Ireland has been working with Tribe Technology since the end of 2019.

Anne Beggs, Director of Trade and Investment, said: “There are approximately 2,200 modern manufacturing, materials and engineering companies in Northern Ireland involved in a variety of activities. Is a new area.

“We are pleased to be able to support and protect such an important manufacturing project for Northern Ireland.”

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