September 20, 2021

Tribal Conflicts, Made in the United States by Adam Bekzko and Giles Doronsoro (Le Monde Diplomatic

The U.S. military’s failure to verify intelligence has given many Afghans an easy way to get rid of a troubled cousin, a neighbor in a land dispute, or a political rival. Many of those arrested or killed had nothing to do with the insurgency, which led to individual, family and social animosity.

For example, after a Taliban attack on a Taliban base in the Ganjgal Valley of Kunar Province, the US military reportedly convicted Abdul Wali, a Shinwari tribal leader. In June 2003, on the advice of provincial governor Faiz Akbar, Abdul Wali entered a US base, where he was arrested. A few days later, the governor discovered that he had died of his injuries during the interrogation of CIA contractor David Passaro. The official cause of death was a heart attack. Relatives of the victim soon learned that Abdul Wali had been condemned by the Salarzai commander and his personal enemy, Mahmood Miran. Blood debt changed the nature of the controversy: Shinwari leaders condemned Salarzai’s links to the US military and sought revenge, and he was arrested.

In 2007, a US federal court found Paswaro guilty of assault and sentenced him to eight years in prison. But it was too late to change the local dynamic. The feud between Wali and Miran turned into a dispute between Shinwari and a network of Salarzai commanders, further exacerbating the insecurity in the province.

Adam Becks. &

Giles Doronsoro.

Adam Becksco is a researcher and author at the Center National de la Richter Scientific – Center de Richter International (CNRS-CERI). War on the law: Taliban courts in Afghanistan. (War in Law: Taliban Courts of Afghanistan), CNRS-Editions, Paris, 2021 Giles Doronsoro is a researcher and author at the European Center for Sociology and Political Science (CESSP), University of Paris 1. International Government of Afghanistan: Such an Expected Defeat. (International Government of Afghanistan: Such Expected Defeat), Carthage, Paris, 2021.

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