October 18, 2021

Touchmini 50 million euros, Ronaldo’s hat trick for Portugal, transfer from Varan Blu, Van de Beck

Morning, United fans.

Edinson Cavani is being urged to consider leaving Old Trafford – while Frank Casey and Lorenzo Insigin have been linked with joining.

Kiwani’s teammate Uruguayan Goss Poit claims the 34-year-old needs to start a more regular club to boost his international career.

Poit told TalkSport: “He was unlucky, because without Cristiano Ronaldo coming, he was playing as the main striker.

“The decision to join Juventus, Man City, was incredibly against one person in particular – and that was Kiwani.

“Maybe he should move in January.”

Ronaldo, 36, made his longevity clear with his 58th hat-trick, including two early penalties, in Portugal’s 5-0 win over Luxembourg last night.

United teammate Bruno Fernandes scored the third goal – in the 17th minute.

C آئیte d’Ivoire midfielder Casey has been advised to leave AC Milan when his contract expires next summer.

Arsenal, PSG and Liverpool are all thought to be interested in the reported United goal.

Unhappy with Milan’s offers so far, Casey’s agent George Atangana told CalciMercato.com: “A key player needs a deal that meets his standards.”

Finally, it is claimed that United captain Napoli are interested in Insignia.

Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal are said to be interested in Italy’s Euro 2020 wing hero.

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