September 23, 2021

Tory MSP apologizes to Nicola Sturgeon for ‘over the line’.

A Conservative MSP has apologized for making a comment about Nicola Sturgeon during the first minister’s question because the SNP leader was condemning anti-Irish racism.

The first minister was responding to a question from Glasgow Labor MSP Pauline McNeil about the action after the crowd sang “famine songs” on Argyle Street in Glasgow before the Old Firm match.

Sturgeon said: “I see everything I like to live. Scotland Whether his family has been here for generations, or recently, it is home and we should never allow anyone to say that.

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He was restrained from the middle sentence by a comment from Tess MSP Tess White, who allegedly said “except if you are English”.

Glasgow Times:

Ms Sturgeon made the remarks to Presiding Officer Alison Johnston, who said MSPs should treat each other with dignity and respect at all times.

The remarks drew condemnation from others around the chamber who could be heard expressing their outrage.

The Conservatives later issued a statement to Tess White.

It said: “My comments during the first minister’s question were over the line and I would like to withdraw them and apologize to both the chamber and the first minister.”

Sturgeon said: “I just made a comment from a sitting position that I’m very angry with. I want to take it up with you so the member wants to consider and take it back.” I was unacceptable, but in the context of what we are discussing, I think it’s appropriate to tell any member. ”

Prior to the apology, White’s comments were defended by the Glasgow Conservative Councilor on Twitter.

Kyle Thornton tweeted, “Well done Tess White. Nicola is standing at a time when her party and her hangar-on gave birth to Anglo-Phobia with eyes, girls and utter incompetence in the name of trying to promote freedom.

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