October 25, 2021

Tory councilors have called for more work to be done to deal with the Glasgow Seattlestones.

A Shettlestown councilor is calling on Glasgow City to take action to address the “curse” of reported strongholds in the East End. Council.

Conservative group leader Councilor Thomas Kerr says recent figures released to local councilors show that there were the highest-level pits in Shettelston, Glasgow, outside the city center during the week.

On Wednesday, September 22, reports of 31 strongholds were recorded in the last 28 days, compared to only nine in Drumchappel / Anisland and 13 in Cardonald.

The data was updated today with complaints from 30 strongholds in Lin Ward and 28 strongholds in Shettelston.

Councilor Kerr said he would like to see more resources allocated to tackling the pits in the city’s East End, which he claims are causing significant problems for heavily pressed Shetliston motorcycles.

Responding to concerns, the local authority said the condition of the roads in Shuttleston was “in line with the rest of the city”, pointing out that the same incident could be reported multiple times.

Mr Kerr said: “These figures will come as no surprise to the residents of Shuttlestone who are accustomed to being thought of later by Glasgow City Council.

“These pits are not just a problem, they are both dangerous and expensive for hardworking travelers who are just trying to get to work and get on with their business.

“Communities in the East End are doing their job by reporting these strongholds, but the truth is that the council does not have the resources to deal with the growing crisis.”

Glasgow City Council says there is a road repair program in the Shettlestown ward and that work will move forward in the coming weeks.

Glasgow Times: Thomas Kerr.Thomas Kerr

A spokesman said: “Public reports highlighting poor road conditions are fully welcomed as this information supports our efforts to keep the city’s road network in good condition.

“But we do not control how and when these reports are made and the same incident can be reported on multiple occasions.

“Our information is that the road conditions in the Shettlestown ward are similar to the rest of the city.”

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