September 25, 2021

Top 5 Accessories for Your Motor Home – by Chris Gage – Concert Magazine

Installing new accessories in an old car can be costly and we have to decide what is best for our intended use. Here, I am going to share the top 5 accessories that many buyers like to see, help improve their enjoyment and make the car more desirable when they want to sell.

1) Moonlight Sun Umbrella – Outside the wind, the sun umbrella offers almost instant instant shade and fits neatly, or on the roof of a motor home. It requires virtually no maintenance and can be supplemented with additional attachments or panels, leaving a lot of hidden space. For most buyers, it’s almost a no-brainer.

2) Motorcycle Racks – 2, 3, or 4 motorcycle racks mean you can enjoy exercising while exploring the places where you go most closely, without having to walk a short distance to shops or places of interest. Are It’s also a great family activity and many sites promote cycling fun with information on local routes, many of them traffic free routes.

3) Solar Panel – A fitted solar panel charges a recreational battery, some can even be replaced to charge the engine battery. This is a blessing if you prefer to camp more freely without an electric hook-up, and can charge enough to keep the battery completely flat and fail in the winter.

4) Refillable LPG bottles – these are becoming very popular for domestic gas supply, especially for motor homers traveling abroad, as they have to change bottle brands and regulators while traveling in different countries. Deny the need. Pumped LPG gas is part of the cost of bottled gas, so the installation will pay for itself over time.

5) Tracking systems – these are now much cheaper and there are basically two types – a passive tracker that will show its location when a signal is sent to it (for example if a car theft has been reported) , Or an active tracker that sends alerts. Subscribers mobile phone detected the movement of an unauthorized vehicle. Many owners also have an alarm, although a functional tracker is ideal when the motor home is in storage at a remote location.

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