September 23, 2021

Tommy Fury tells Jack Paul that there is nothing to hide from the fight as the Leo Island star called the opponent after Anthony Taylor’s victory

Tommy Fury told Jack Paul that he had no secrets from all his celebrity fights because he called his online rival.

Fury made his American debut on Paul’s undercard against YouTube’s spring partner Anthony Taylor.

Tommy Fury defeated Anthony Taylor by points.


Tommy Fury defeated Anthony Taylor by points.Credit: Showtime Boxing.
Jack Paul was called by Tommy Fury.


Jack Paul was called by Tommy Fury.Credit: Showtime Boxing.

And Taylor, a 7-5 MMA fighter with only one previous boxing match he lost, did not provide a real test.

Rosh won all four rounds with confidence but failed to get a knockout due to his American opponent’s holding and unconventional style.

Still, the British Light Heavyweight went ahead 7-0 and used an unshakable display to provoke Paul.

Anger said: “Given this, Jack Paul, you should be an easy night companion, shouldn’t you?”

“There is no excuse now. You have seen it all, I am happiest in this place.

No excuses, no race, no hiding. I want you next, you bully. Let’s get started. ”

Fury, 22, signed a two-fight deal with US powerhouse Showtime before stepping into the state.

The network has recently tied Paul to a lucrative deal and there has been talk of a fight between them in their next fight.

But Paul, 24, first needed to defeat his former UFC champion, Taron Woodley, 39, in his fourth and toughest pro bout, which took the headlines in the evening.

Paul, without his father John or older brother Tyson, admitted to underperforming but promised to improve.

“It was not my best performance and everyone knows it,” he said.

“But at the end of the day, boxing is the hardest sport in the world. If it were easier, everyone in the world would be doing it.

“I’m learning every day, every session I do in the gym. I’m getting better. It’s the hardest sport in the world and I’m doing my best.

“That’s all I can say.”

Jack Paul tells people in the house not to blink while he knocks Tyrone Woodley out.

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