September 28, 2021

Tom Cruise wants to recruit Meghan Markle in Scientology

Tom Cruise is said to be interested in enrolling Meghan Markle in the Church of Scientology because of his interest in spirituality.

The “Mission: Impossible” star allegedly asked mutual friend Oprah Winfrey to help the Duchess of Sussex convert to her religion. The actor has long been a follower of Scientology, a collection of beliefs related to human spirituality and science. It is controversially interpreted as a sect and business or religious movement.

Founded in 1953 by El Ron Hubbard, it follows the belief that human beings are eternal, spiritual beings. According to its basic, according to 7 News“Is it a belief that every human being has a reactive mind that responds to the trauma of life, clouds the analytical mind and prevents us from experiencing reality?”

Members of the Church of Scientology allegedly go through an audit to identify spiritual distress or trauma from a person’s current or past lives. They address these issues in an effort to “neutralize and re-establish the priority of the analytical mind.” Only then will they be able to attain a spiritual state called “clean”.