September 19, 2021

To ease the financial crisis, Barcelona has decided to start wage reduction talks with key players

Lionel Messi has reportedly agreed to a massive 50% pay cut to renew his contract with FC Barcelona. However, the contract cannot be signed and the player cannot be registered yet. Club president Juan Lipporta is now hoping that, following Messi’s example, he will be able to persuade other key players in the team who have current contracts to accept lower wages next season.

The truth is that Messi’s renewal does not depend entirely on his contract with the club. The Catalan giants need to abide by the rules of the La Liga Santander financial festival before Messi can be added to the squad next season. As Barcelona have moved beyond the pay cap, they will need to sell practically a large number of players this summer, as well as cut the wages of the remaining players. Will stay

According to BrandSports director Mato Al-Yamani has already reached out to at least four team members about possible pay cuts. He reportedly contacted agents of Sergio Busquets, Sergei Roberto, Jordi Alba and Gerard Pique.