September 22, 2021

To complete the transfer to Barcelona this summer, the condition is to move on

Barcelona’s Anthony Griezmann’s chances of off-loading are slim when it is made clear that Atletico Madrid are the only club ready to consider leaving Camp Nou this summer.

The Catalan club hope to complete the deal as soon as possible and pay him a fee to register his new signatories and re-sign Lionel Messi. Barcelona president John Laporta and football director Matthew Almeini confirmed last week that they are Open to offer for French.

According to the gameGriezmann has made it clear in Barcelona’s organizational structure that he is open to leaving, but Atletico is his only option. Clubs from England and Italy are interested, but the French international is not convinced to leave Spain this summer.

Discussions were held with the La Liga champions who won more than one power in Barcelona Exchange agreement involving Griezmann and Saul Nguyen. Both players had pushed for the move, but demands from the Catalan club to pay for Atletico’s 2018 World Cup winner have stalled talks in recent weeks.

The La Liga organization is eager to offload Griezmann, one of the few players on the team with market value and could generate revenue for the cash-strapped club. Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City have met with interest, but have yet to formally contact Barcelona.

If Barcelona have failed to find a new home for Griezmann this summer, they will have to work around wages. The club is said to be in talks with several first-team stars over pay cuts and hopes that the cuts will help the Frenchman, who is currently the club’s highest earner.

The club is hopeful that Gregman will soften his stance, especially with the player coming to the front line after the arrival of Memphis DePay and Sergio Aguero at the front line of Bolster manager Ronald Koeman.

Antoine Griezmann
Antoine Griezmann’s goal gave France a 1-1 draw with Hungary in Wednesday’s quest
Bernadette Cizabu / Pool

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