October 17, 2021

Tired of worrying about Russian elections? Read about Germany, where everything is really unexpected – it’s too early to say goodbye to Merkel.

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Save Medusa!

Parliamentary elections will be held in Germany on Sunday, September 26. The current campaign is the most unexpected in recent years. This is not surprising, since the country’s federal chancellor will change after the election: Angela Merkel has resigned after 16 years in power. And it is not yet clear who will replace him. Until recently, Merkel’s ally Armin Lasheit was considered a favorite, before – Greens candidate Analina Berbak, and now Finance Minister Olaf Schulz, representing the Social Democratic Party, which many political scientists have described. Has almost buried, he has taken the lead. But whoever wins is unlikely to form a ruling coalition immediately. As a result, the talks threaten to be so long that the Germans will apparently celebrate the New Year under Angela Merkel.

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