September 18, 2021

Time to ride your bike to help build a green economy.

There is a resurrection in cycling. More and more people in Glasgow are recognizing the importance of bikes and the countless benefits that cycling can bring to them. Health, Wealth and environment

Cycling has proven to be the safest, most efficient and cost-effective way to get around.

Cycling Scotland Statistics from automatic bicycle counters show a 47% increase in cycling trips to Scotland between March 2020 and March 2021. Although the Cove 19 epidemic has affected many sectors of the economy, it has been a turning point for cycling.

The Bicycle Association’s annual sales figures show the growth of motorcycles with a 45% increase in sales of bicycles and cycling accessories. The UK motorcycle market has sold 2.31 billion pounds in 2020. It is expected to continue to accelerate, with sales of electric bikes likely to increase. It is predicted that sales of e-bikes could triple by 2023. For all the excitement around electric cars, the use of e-bikes is the most important innovation in our city.

This is a dramatic change in the fate of local motorcycle services that the Greens want to maintain through the city’s economic recovery project. Today, you can contribute by celebrating Local Motorcycle Shop Day and encouraging people to get involved in cycling by participating in these activities.

We can ensure that more cycling breaks are provided on a regular basis as this is the most successful way to keep people interested in cycling. As a lasting epidemic legacy, a comprehensive approach to the provision of separate motorcycle lanes will facilitate access to cycling in Glasgow. This is especially important for cyclists who started using the motorcycle during the lockdown because of the pop-up lenses that run through the Space for People program.

Following the example of Berlin, Budapest, Paris and Rome, our roads must be rebuilt for safe cycling and a network of separate cycle lanes integrated into our city’s transport infrastructure must be laid.

Glasgow should make every effort to reduce traffic congestion and ensure that people do not choose to drive more. Cycling continues to provide an effective means of transportation linked to the low risk of virus transmission.

Cyclists can help avoid significant congestion from excessive traffic and increase greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the damage caused by bad air pollution.

Transport is the center of the city’s economic recovery. The use of vans for businesses is increasing due to the increase in home delivery. This is contributing to the large number of vehicles running on residential roads, and in large numbers. The risk of road and collision has increased.

To promote health and well-being, we can support a reduction in the use of cars and vans for tours by investing in the motorcycle industry.

We need to improve the way motorbikes transport goods and services for business.

The introduction of local e-cargo schemes is making progress in reducing the use of motor vehicles. Promoting alternatives such as e-cargo bikes is essential for final mail delivery.

Cycling has great potential to create jobs and help us transform the green economy.

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