October 27, 2021

Time is needed to restore French confidence in the United States.


French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told his US counterpart Anthony Blanken on Thursday that the way out of the diplomatic crisis over the mega-submarine deal between France and the United States would “take time and action.”

It was France. Angry Last week, after learning that Australia had signed an agreement with the United States and Britain for nuclear-powered submarine technology, it abandoned the 2016 multibillion-dollar deal in which Canberra agreed to buy French submarines. What was

BlinkMeet with ڈریان۔ It came a day after the US President. Joe Biden And the French president Emmanuel Macron. Spoke on the telephone And agreed to in-depth consultations to restore trust between the two NATO allies. They also agreed to meet in Europe in late October.

A statement from the French Foreign Ministry said that Le Drian and Blinken had met at the United Nations in New York to discuss the terms and conditions to be resolved.

The conflict has soured relations between Franco and the United States, which some see as the worst crisis since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, which Paris has strongly opposed.

Macron and Biden first met in person at the G7 summit in Cornwall, southwest England, in June, where they were seen smiling broadly together.

Giles Grassani, president of the Group D Attitudes geopolitical think tank, said this week that the showdown with the United States was a “permanent feature of French foreign policy.”

But about the submarine deal under discussion, he said, “Intensity [France’s] The response has been overwhelming. ”

Meanwhile, France’s European allies have rallied around Paris, but some have warned that the dispute should not torpedo trade talks.

(France24 with AFP, AP and Reuters)


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