TikTok will now warn teens about dangerous viral tasks they are looking for

TIKTOK has started showing a new warning message to stop teens from trying dangerous viral tests.

The popular video sharing site will alert users whenever they search for known dangerous calls, such as a life-threatening blackout call.


Children warned to think about dangerous tasksCredit: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett.

To encourage children to think critically on their own, tips on how to recognize harmful issues and hoaxes will now appear instead of a blank page for banned searches.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Alexandra Evans, TikTok’s head of public safety in Europe, said: “Now if you’re a teenager and have been reading about the issue online or talking to your friends about it and you’re curious about it.

“Of course we still don’t return results, but now you can see how to stop, think, decide and act.

“Our community guidelines are really crystal clear that we do not allow dangerous online testing on the platform.”

But with the ever-increasing number of new TikTok trends, it’s hard to keep up with this issue.

One of the latest trends going around is the illegal nasal spray tan.

They may contain a drug called Melanota, which has not been tested in the UK and claims to darken the skin after just a few injections or sprays.

Use and sale in the UK is illegal as it has not been approved by the State Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

TikTok’s rules prohibit the display, advertising, or trading of controlled substances, including unlicensed drugs such as melanotan.

“We are always working to improve our ability to detect [trends] as early as possible and hit them very quickly before they see the information on our platform and make the appropriate decisions,” Ms Evans said.

TikTok’s latest effort builds on plans unveiled in November when it launched an online call support center.

This is because the platform has recently tightened up its rules, especially on any clips that glorify eating disorders and dangerous virus issues.

This includes intermittent fasting and excessive exercise, which are considered “underrecognized signs of a potential problem.”

The tech giants are under scrutiny regarding the content they post on their sites.

The pressure on firms is intensifying with plans for new laws in the UK that will make them more accountable for what they post.

Tiktok Recently Updated Its Rules Against Dangerous Viral Calls


TikTok recently updated its rules against dangerous viral calls1 credit

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