October 18, 2021

Tiger Force mushroom pickers climb a tree in Russia.

An interesting video surfaced on the Internet in late September. This video was made by locals from the Primorye region of Russia (Far East). The video was made from the top of a tree, but one can hear the roar of a lion under the tree. As the video ends, one can see a lion retreating into the forest.

Russian mushroom pickers face a lion.

The encounter with the lion took place near the village of Sokolovka in the Lazovsky district of Primorye. As it turned out, many people were picking mushrooms in the forest when they heard the hunter fall, and then saw the lion up close in the bushes. They decided to climb a tree for safety. The hunter was not aggressive, nor did he pursue anyone. He studied the tree, sniffed it and then retreated into the forest. Mushroom pickers managed to film the animals.

Local hunting watchers investigated the incident. Experts conclude that both humans and predators are working properly in the situation. Given the lion’s behavior, the animal was not aggressive at all.

Things Tigers are not usually aggressive at this time of year: they do not suffer from food shortages, they feel happy and ready for winter.

There have been no reports of wildlife attacks on humans in the region for years. However, it is recommended that people be more careful when hiking in the forest and carry firecrackers in their hands to scare off any predators.

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