September 18, 2021

Tiger drags 41-year-old man out of toilet, saves half-eaten body in forest

A 41-year-old man was killed by a lion near a logging site in the Khabarbosk region of Russia.

The deceased has been identified as married Shibaluddin. The man, who worked as a logger and was on a 15-day shift at the site, left his temporary residence late at night to go to the toilet. Officials believe the lion attacked him and pushed him inside the toilet.

His comrades found the lion’s footprints, bloody clothes, shoes and pieces of toilet paper scattered all over the place.

The lion dragged Shibaluddin into the forest area, locals said. Sleek summary Is informed.

After hours of searching, Rangers found the lion guarding the victim’s body. Forest officials shot the animal and found the victim’s half-eaten body.

“The hunter dragged the man’s body into the woods,” an official said. UK News today.. “The beast was found with the remains. The lion had to be killed.”

Tiger experts believe that this animal has been attacked by predators before, due to which the predator attacked the human. He said the reason for the lion being incited to attack a human being would become clear after an investigation.

According to locals, the Logars were afraid of wild animals, especially lions that roamed around.

“Lions are often seen there,” said a local. “Everyone knows about it.”

Human and animal conflicts are on the rise as people move more and more to forest areas. Earlier this month, a woman was believed to have been eaten alive by a pack of brown bears after coming out of a wedding in a forest in Russia. The victim, identified as 24-year-old Yana Blubanova, apparently went missing in the woods of Sverdlovsk and made several emergency calls. Rescuers began searching for the woman, but were unable to locate her. “It is now impossible to hope that the woman will be discovered alive,” wildlife inspector Andre Sakolin said at the time, adding that there were footprints of a mother bear and children.

Representation Photo: Pixabay

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