Thousands of Scots will receive £25 a week which will be a game changer. Are you entitled to this?

The WEEKLY weekly allowance for low-income families with children will be increased to £25 per child from the end of the year.

Decentralized Scottish Child Benefit, which will double from £10 to £20 next month, is set to increase by another £5 due to the cost of living crisis.


Cash assistance will be valid until the end of the year1 credit

Welfare Minister Holyrood Shona Robison announced a “game-changing” move by unveiling an updated plan to tackle rising child poverty.

She said the £5 increase would benefit approximately 400,000 eligible children, which would add an additional £2m to overall costs.

It comes a day after Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced an extra £41m for the Scottish government to support the most disadvantaged households.

But Ms Robison said SNP ministers are “urgently considering how best to allocate” the money as “we only found out about this funding yesterday.”

On the £5 raise, she told MSP: “More than 400,000 children will be eligible for the payment and the payment is expected to lift 50,000 children out of poverty in 2023/24.”

But Scottish Labor Party spokeswoman for social justice Pam Duncan-Glancey said “a five is not enough” and would not pay even a week’s worth of diapers. She also stated that her party had to “drug the SNP with yelling and kicking” to double the payment to £20.

A decentralized policy of £10 a week for benefit families is currently available for those with children under six. But from April it doubles to £20 and is due to be extended to the 16s at the end of 2022.

SNP leaders said this meant support of £1,300 per child per year.

Ms. Robison’s updated strategy on child poverty was released ahead of new data next week, which could show indicators have worsened further after worsening last year.

The plan claims that new modeling shows that child poverty could fall to its “lowest level in nearly 30 years” if a series of actions pays off.

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The strategy includes ‘supporting up to 12,000 parents to enter sustainable and fair jobs and progress’, a £5 increase in Scottish child allowances and ‘steps to reduce the UK Government’s Delegated Authority ceiling as far as possible’ through the Discretionary Housing payments.

A year ago, it was revealed that one in four Scottish children live in poverty, and the total number is rising even before the pandemic hit.

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In 2019/20, 260,000 children were in poor conditions, an alarming 26% of all adolescents, and 30,000 more than in 2018/19, or 23%.

The Scottish Government’s goal, set out in law, is to bring this level down to less than 18 percent by 2024 and to ten percent by 2030.

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