September 21, 2021

Thomas Kerr: Under the SNP, Glasgow is deteriorating rapidly.

Writing in the pages of this article last week, Glasgow. Council The leader – Susan Aitken – said she believes in our city’s communities and does not think they want to “fail.”

It was an interesting twist for a politician who seems to be doing his best to fulfill the aspirations of the people of Glasgow and whose misleading policies are actively harming the people he represents. Want to do

As a conservative, I believe in localism, which is why I’ve been so concerned about the SNP’s relentless campaign to control the power and control of the boot house. Unfortunately, his party, the Hex, which runs Glasgow City Council, is completely silent as the centralization agenda continues.

Glasgow Times: Susan Aitken.Susan Aitken

Instead, the SNP in Glasgow prefers to preach about empowering a superficial type of community that really wants to remove accountability and transfer responsibility from local authorities to individuals.

Although Susan Aitken claims that such an assessment of her policy platform is a “bad faith misrepresentation” by political opponents, the only decision that matters to her is the people of Glasgow. And the results are terrible.

Barely a day goes by that we are not affected by further reports of the rapidly deteriorating condition of the city under the SNP rule. From fly-tipping to drifting boxes and unbridled public spaces, Nicola Sturgeon’s claim that Glasgow is “ready” to host the UN Environment Conference is becoming more and more hollow.

The SNP’s insult to Glasgow’s cleaning workers erupted last week when the council accused its trade union representatives of “stupid stunts” when they reported the city’s rat infection. Ran an awareness campaign.

Not surprisingly, the SNP does not want to talk about the sanitation crisis it has created – it does not even acknowledge its existence – but to attack our staff who are doing their best to clean up the city. There is one hand behind the back. His back, through the SNP, is really out of the yellow.

Unfortunately, the people of Glasgow are accustomed to the SNP’s frustrating tactics.

From taking 100 100 out of the pockets of city pensioners amid epidemics to raising nursery fees for hardworking parents, Glasgow’s SNP administration always seems to be looking for a way to blame someone else for its failure. The truth is that these cuts are political decisions made by council leaders who always put the party in the city when it comes to standing up for Glasgow.

Statistics released recently by the Scottish Government show that we benefit from a financial transfer of around £ 2000 per person from the rest of the UK.

There is not a single left-wing party that I know of that opposes the distribution of wealth, but of course the SNP is not a left-wing party وہ it is a nationalist party.

The Scottish Government has the choice of what to do with this union dividend, and instead of wasting it on copying (or undermining) the work of British embassies abroad or funding a host of Hollywood Road spin doctors, S. The NP should be guided by this amount. Local services here in Glasgow.

Glasgow Times: Kerr claims that Malcolm Kuning-led Labor is missing in action. Kerr claims that Malcolm Kuning-led Labor is missing in action.

If we had a council leader who wanted to make Glasgow a champion, we would hear him screaming from the rooftops, demanding this support for the city. Instead, it has been. Radio The silence from the city chambers needs to change that.

If you believe you can be a real champion of your local community, and for the city of Glasgow, please contact me directly until next year’s municipal elections.

The Labor Party has been missing in Glasgow for four years and has not taken off its SNP gloves.

If you want to be the only real opponent of the nationalists in Glasgow, now is the time to move on. Together, we can turn a page on the mismanagement of this city’s SNP.

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