September 19, 2021

Thomas Kerr: Now is the time to grasp Glasgow’s sanitation crisis.

You may have been unlucky last week that we were out of touch with the latest and greatest. Council Leader

Not satisfied with ignoring those who expressed their legitimate grievances over the impact of his administration’s clean-up policies on fly-tipping last month, Susan Aitken claimed Wednesday in response to a question from STV’s Bernard Ponsenby. Aren’t the streets of Glasgow dirty? Just need a little spruce up!

She claims that she regularly walks the streets of this city but if that were true there was no way on earth, she can sincerely deny the garbage and garbage crisis that plagued Glasgow Communities are being affected.

Glasgow Times:

Unfortunately for Glasgowns, this car accident interview, in which the Glasgow SNP leader struggled to come up with a single attribute to describe the state of the city under his administration, is not a bad thing. We all walk the streets of the city every day to find out the truth.

Neither I nor Mr. Ponsenby take pleasure in calling Glasgow dirty. But, like this, I have never seen our roads and green spaces in such a state. Glasgow Conservative councilors have warned from the outset against cutting the bin collection and introducing a bulk-up lift charge.

It is widely believed that these two measures will only increase the flow of refusal and illegal dumping of furniture and debris. But the SNP, moving forward, considered these policies environmentally friendly at the same time, as reports continue to spread rats in Glasgow – most recently near the children’s play area in Alexandra Park.

enough. I know no politician likes U-turn but for the sake of the city we need immediate change. That is why I will present a motion for a full meeting of Glasgow City Councilors on Thursday to immediately suspend the application for a bulk uplift charge until we control the fly-tipping epidemic.

My motion is clear – fee 35 The financial cost of abolishing the fee will be borne by the SNP government. It is their lack of local authority funding that has forced councils to reduce the basic level of service so fast that we are able to offer our constituencies. SNP councilors in Glasgow will pay you for failing to stand up to the party elite in Edinburgh.

I have a different idea – how Nicola Sturgeon stops taxpayers from wasting money to buy a green vote in Parliament and starts using the cash to deal with the disaster that has befallen her fellow city. Are doing to maintain.

You may have seen me write earlier in this column about the Glasgow Conservative Petition Campaign that eliminates the bulk uplift charge, and I would like to thank all those who took the time to record your support. It’s time to dump her and move on.

The question is whether other opposition parties in Glasgow will put their money where their mouth is and support my bid to clean up the city. If you would like to see an appropriate strategy to eliminate the bulk lift lift charge and deal with Glasgow’s nightmare fly-tipping nightmare – please contact your local Labor, Green and yes, even SNP party councilors. To tell them to support my movement.

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