September 23, 2021

This viral Zara label hack will ensure that you never have to return anything again.

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  • There are plenty. Zara Shopping Hacks. To enhance your shopping experience so much about how to capture the items sold since the store went on sale and much more.

    But one particular tip is going viral, and for good reason. How many times have you ordered something from the Zara website or bought it at the store without trying (honestly, who can be bothered by the queues?) To return it?

    Let’s be honest, the size from a high street store can be a bit hit and miss, while some items are on your normal size, other things can be really close, indicating that it’s really different from one item to another. May be.

    Well, this hack, which is going viral on Tik Tak, will take away all your worries. Users have found that tags have hidden symbols that indicate whether an item moves larger or smaller, thus telling you that you need to move the size up or down.

    You can find these symbols on both the shopping tag (above) and the inner label, and it is assumed that the circle symbol means that the item moves larger, while the square means that it corresponds to the size, and The triangle indicates that it is small. . This Tick ​​tock The video explains exactly that, as tweeted below.

    Since then, many users have tested the theory with positive results. Even if they find that short skirts or dresses always go shorter, so make sure you reduce their size.

    However, Zara employees have pointed out that the symbols have nothing to do with size, and everything has to do with clothing sets, such as TRTRF, basic etc.

    Consumers, however, stand firm, saying there is a correlation between collections and size. Well, that’s the only way to find out, isn’t it?

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