October 18, 2021

This plane is not running a cam trail at the airport – why is it here?


You may have heard of the Cam Trail conspiracy theory. Those who believe this believe that the white pathways released into the sky by airplanes are made of toxic chemicals, and that world governments are using them to poison them. In this episode of True or Fake, we saw a video showing a plane releasing a camtrail while still standing at the airport.

Smoke billows from the rear of the plane, its large clouds, while baggage handlers and airport staff work downstairs. The video is filmed from the airport terminal window – we can hear the scratching of chairs and cutlery in the background. This is an old video, but it has recently reappeared on Facebook, Twitter and VK.

The caption states that the smoke coming from the rear of the aircraft is proof of the existence of the Camtral. The “Cam Trail” is the name given to the white trail that planes leave behind in the sky, on which the Cam Trail conspiracy theory claims that it is made of toxic chemicals. Conspiracy theorists believe that governments around the world are deliberately releasing these chemicals as a way to control the weather and the population.

We’re not an airplane expert, so we talked to someone who asks them what’s going on in the video. It turns out that this is a very common occurrence – which is why none of the airport crew seems to be upset – and this may be due to a recent maintenance operation on the plane. Watch the episode to see what we found out.

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