September 20, 2021

This new jewelry collaboration will help make you more durable.

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  • One of my favorite jewelry collaborations is back for a new cut, and it’s even better than the last.

    Cult Jewelry Brand Monica Vanader (beloved by Both Meghan Markle. And Kate Middleton) first worked with Dovina. The best fashion impress in business) Last summer, to make a collection made from 100 recycled silver or vermilion.

    Inspired by old 1950s photos and movies, the pieces were instant classics and sold like hot cakes. This season’s recurrence is no less glamorous, with bold vintage-inspired styles including china cocktail earrings, bark pearl charms and snake chain necklaces.

    I sat down with Donna to discuss the inspiration behind the collection, and how you can create a more durable collection of jewelry.

    What tips do you have for styling jewelry for the new season?

    Although this collection may look quite glamorous, my favorite way to wear it in the new season is neutrals. Black, white, camel or brown make jewelry more pop and at least bring a little omph in the calculation. I also like to wear a statement piece. Baroque pearl earrings. With a more comfortable look.

    What was the inspiration behind the new collection?

    Like our last collection, Old Memories was a movement. But this time it was more specific, we saw the Italian summer and what a wonderful woman would wear in the movie Fellini. Sometimes I was wondering what to wear, maybe, if I acted in a glamorous polo party photo in Portofino. The excitement of this old holiday Italian glamor, as you can see, was very specific!

    How do you make a durable collection of jewelry?

    Most of us already have stockpiles so it is important to see what you want to see if you want to continue wearing it, if it can be re-imagined in its style and make sure What you have before you buy. There are many ways to deal responsibly (including cognition) with anything that is not serving you and that you can’t see yourself wearing again. Monica Vander’s Recycling Program!).

    Then again, here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

    • Find out the originality of what you are buying, including its content
    • Be selective and invest in pieces that you can find yourself wearing for a long time.
    • Prefer pieces that offer talent in their style, that are modular and can be worn in many different ways.

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