September 25, 2021

This morning’s fans say Rochelle Holmes flew her pants straight into the air when she showed off her footwork.

Fans this morning were so upset during today’s episode that Rochelle Holmes flashed her pants.

The presenter, standing for the special bank holiday show, was performing foot exercises.

These morning stars were presenting a class about Eamonn and Rochelle's legs.


These morning stars were presenting a class about Eamonn and Rochelle’s legs.
Last week's star showed the audience how to practice.


Last week’s star showed the audience how to practice.

But it turned out to be a delicate exercise as the 32-year-old star wore a beautiful skirt.

Many viewers thought they could see more than just her feet, with a tweet: “Rochelle …. we just saw your pants.”

Another laugh: “Wow Rochelle! You saw up close for what you saw for breakfast.”

One-third didn’t pay attention to the ‘to-go’ posting: “I think we’re seeing a lot more than Rochelle’s feet right now.”

Another said enthusiastically: “Well, if I say so, this class is very ‘revealing’!

Rochelle was due to appear on the show first with Vernon and then with Alison Hammond, but after both fell ill, Ayman suffered injuries along with Holmes.

The Sun revealed yesterday that Grand Vernon was rejected after registering a positive cove test.

Eamonn opened the show by saying: “Okay, Alison and Rochelle should have been here today, but Alison is not well, so get well soon.

“Just when you thought you’d get rid of me in seven weeks, like bad money, I stood up again.”

Eamonn Holmes returned after forcing Alan Hammond to leave this morning.

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