September 25, 2021

This is where you can buy every outfit from Sex and the City Reboot.

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  • Filming for Gender and city restart In New York, the Internet continues to thrive, with pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kirsten Davis posing behind the scenes talking to a cobbler in Manuel’s No words about).

    As with popular TV shows, And just like that. Patricia Field’s protجیg is already offering some big shapes in the style of Molly Rogers – Patricia couldn’t work on the project because she was already busy Emily in Paris..

    He told WWD“I was not able to do that in New York and in Paris. Emily in Paris.. But I told her to call my dearest friend Molly Rogers, who also worked at my store that day. she did Gender and city She knew me well from beginning to end, so she is doing it. My dance card was full. ‘

    While we may have to wait a few months to finally see the new show, we definitely won’t have to wait to buy Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda’s wardrobes, thanks to a Nifty Instagram account.

    ustJustLikeThatCloset It has already garnered 78,000 followers and shared more than 50 organizations so far. As you might expect, there are a lot of designer looks, so if you want a Charlotte Emilia Wick stud gown, or Carrie’s Dry Van Notton jacket, you have to start saving.

    However, this isn’t all bad because there are some high street searches, as well as loads of things you’ll recognize from being worn before in actual shows and movies, including Carrie’s Sequin Fendi baguette bag, her studded belt and the famous The blue Manuel Blahanks he wore with Mr. Big on his wedding day.

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