September 18, 2021

Third court ruling against compulsory quad pass for large shopping centers.

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A French court on the outskirts of Paris on Tuesday suspended the need for anti-corona virus health passes in major shopping centers, the third such ruling in recent weeks.

Announcing its decision to suspend the health pass rule in major shopping centers in southwest Paris, a court in the Hautes-de-Seine department said it had created inequality among shoppers.

Judges said shoppers without health passes were barred from accessing essential stores such as supermarkets and pharmacies.

Over the past week, following an appeal to the administrative court, the need to show health passes at shopping centers has been dropped in the departments of Ulysses and Esson, which also meet in Paris.

“All of our appeals are based on the same criteria for access to basic necessities,” said Tariq Kureitim, a lawyer who filed the appeal with his colleague Yuan Sabella.

“There is no political aspect to our fight. We are neither for nor against vaccination, we are only for the law.

Earlier this month, President Emmanuel Macron’s government Put the scale For locations over 20,000 square meters where more than 200 people out of 100,000 were affected. With disease.

Drop in customers

But property owners are angry with the government’s order, claiming that the number of buyers has dropped by 25 per cent amid confusion over where the laws apply.

National Council of Shopping Centers (CNCC).

CNCC wants a nationwide ban on large stores.

Thering added: ” Confusion is total Between the question of more than 20,000 square meters, the rate of incidents, the places where the rate is low and where orders have not been withdrawn and the departments where the decrees have been suspended.

Judges are expected to be reinstated within the next week after the government appealed against the suspension.

Government spokesman Gabriel Atal said. French broadcaster RTL: “We consider that Health Pass should continue to apply for the place for which it was planned.”


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