These are the 10 kindest cities in the UK.

According to the study, Oxford was named the kindest city in the UK.

A national poll of 2,000 adults asked them to rate their hometown when it comes to friendliness, good deeds, and community spirit, with university city coming out on top.

Just over two-thirds of Oxonians also consider the city to be sociable, and more than half consider it charitable and supportive.

Belfast, ranked second on the list, is considered helpful by 42% of its residents, while half of Brighton, ranked third, consider their hometown friendly.

The research, commissioned by Babybel, is part of a larger campaign in collaboration with Comic Relief to encourage everyday heroism and small acts of kindness.

To find out if Oxford truly lived up to its name, Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks took to the streets to get to know its people better.

This Red Nose Day, the French cheese brand is celebrating small gestures by sharing fun and inspiring ways to raise money for charity, in addition to donating 5p from each pack.

A spokesperson for Babybel said: “It was very interesting to find out which city is officially recognized as the kindest.

“In addition to how the country rates its hometown on qualities like helpfulness and philanthropy – it’s good to know that these things are still widely shared among communities across the UK.”

Across the UK, strangers open doors (28%), say “good morning” in the street (27%) and neighbors take a package when they are not at home (26%). meet regularly in their hometown.

Brits love their hometown

The study also found that 44% of adults would not want to live anywhere else but their hometown, and 32% would rather live where they live because of its kindness.

While almost three out of 10 frequent other cities and think that they are not as “kind and caring” as their own.

It turned out that the average adult performs two acts of kindness per day, and two-thirds of them feel happy when they contribute.

For 43%, the main motivation for being kind is that it makes them feel good, while almost half believe it helps society as a whole and everyone should do it.

And almost four out of ten feel the need to help others who are more vulnerable than themselves.

A quarter consider their mother a hero, and 23% consider their father and partner to be heroic figures in their lives.

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Characteristics that make a hero

The OnePoll study also found that the top characteristics a hero should have are selflessness (41%), kindness (41%) and courage (40%).

The spokesperson added: “The phrase ‘hero’ often refers to someone who has done something on a significant scale, but the pandemic has forced us to reevaluate that and appreciate the everyday acts of heroism going on around us.

“Through selfless action, community spirit, and a little act of kindness, we can all find a way to become heroes.”

Babybel has raised over £1.5 million for Comic Relief so far – to find out how you can get involved go here:

10 kindest cities in the UK

1. Oxford

2. Belfast

3. Brighton

4 Glasgow

5. Edinburgh

6. Liverpool

7. Newcastle

8. Cambridge

9. Birmingham

10 Norwich

15 things that make a hero

1. Dedication

2. Kindness

3. Courage

4. Courage

5. Self-sacrifice

6. Honesty

7. Moral integrity

8. Useful

9. Generosity

10. Inspirational

11. Charity

12. Definition

13. Strength

14. Protective

15. Condemnation

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