October 20, 2021

There is hysteria and confusion in the energy market in Europe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said there was “hysteria and confusion” in the European energy market. According to him, unlike Europe, Russia could easily switch to alternative energy.

See what is happening in Europe: there is hysteria and confusion in the markets. Why? Because no one takes it seriously. Some speculate on the problems of climate change, others underestimate something, others begin to reduce investment in the extractive industries.

“The transition is a smooth transition, smooth, and our country has every opportunity to avoid such mistakes,” Putin said in a meeting with the government.

According to Vladimir Putin, the maximum rate of economic growth must be ensured. Achieving carbon neutrality at the same time.

“We have an ambitious task: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions even lower than in the European Union. To that end, we must address another issue. By minimizing the negative effects of the Russian economy on the world economy, We must ensure its maximum growth rate, “said the head of state.

Putin also called on the government to speed up work on electrification of Russia’s gas and oil transportation infrastructure.

“We must take full advantage of the current and future changes in global opportunities, especially projects that directly benefit the economy as well as significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Putin said. Bring. “

“In the oil industry, this is, for example, the use of connected gas. This means that another problem is emerging – electrification of gas transportation and oil transportation infrastructure, “Investing in petrochemicals and gas chemistry, I ask the government to expedite this work,” Putin said.

Meanwhile, demand for oil continues to rise, with global oil prices skyrocketing. Brent oil was priced at 82 82 a barrel, above the Ural – 80 80 a barrel. Rising oil prices have had a positive effect on the Russian stock market, which is based on commodity companies.

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