September 23, 2021

The young man reunited with Glasgow hospital staff ‘who gave him a reason to live’

A young man has been reunited with nurses and staff at a Glasgow hospital who said he survived after being paralyzed in a road accident.

Craig Sears spent nine months in the spinal cord of Queen Elizabeth University Hospital when he suffered serious injuries after his car fell off a road into a ditch in June last year.

The 20-year-old from Ayrshire suffered life-threatening injuries in the crash that left him paralyzed below the nipples.

As a young man, Craig, an active man, had some very dark days, until his nurses began to turn things around with their mutual love. Music.

Craig said: “When I woke up in the hospital and felt the extent of my injuries, I was very depressed.

“It all happened at the height of the quaid, so we couldn’t take visitors. So the staff became my family at that time.

“I remember a nurse asking me if I liked music, and then things started to get better for me.

“The nurses were busy, but when they had time, they would sit down and talk to me. They were often students and the fact that they were around my age also helped.

“He was very caring. It started with a music channel, with music from the 70’s and 80’s and soon I was singing for nurses and then we all sang together.

“One of the nurses was in the hospital choir, so her voice was very good.”

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Craig was transferred to the Flipshell ward for rehabilitation after spending time in Eden Hall, the severely receiving warden.

Craig said: “Their input was invaluable. They made me work for myself and be more independent. Things like learning to wash myself.

“My freedom is better than I ever thought it would be in the early days. Physios also pushed me and convinced me that I could do something for myself.

“Amanda – she was amazing – on another level. She brought small tools to help me do things.

“Help continues and they still work with my home support team.

“I am performing well and I hope to work in an area where I can spread awareness about spinal cord injuries, advance my freedom and travel.”

Craig’s consultant, Mr Andre Des Etjes, said: “We are delighted to have been able to play such an important role in Craig’s recovery and to hear that he continues to improve at home with community care teams.

“Our staff at Eden Hall and Philip Shell strive to provide human-centered, compassionate care based on communication, kindness and trust.

“Taking the time to understand what is important to our patients is especially important for our teams and I am happy to see the positive results of their hard work.

“It’s always been helpful to hear stories from our patients about their experiences, and I’m glad that music therapy has been very helpful for Craig in his physical and emotional rehabilitation since his accident.

“We would also like to thank Craig for inspiring the ward with his song during a time when staff faced unprecedented challenges.

“I’m looking forward to hearing from Craig about his crowdfunding, his travels and his spinal cord injuries and how he’s moving forward.”

To give him more freedom, a GoFundMePage has been set up to buy Craig an expert wheelchair with quad control.

To donate to the fundraiser, click. Here.

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