September 22, 2021

The women were accused of hiding a roommate’s body in a NYC apartment for weeks.

Last week, two New York women were arrested and charged with hiding the body of their roommate in an apartment for several days while hosting several parties.

Stephanie Hillburn, 43, of Johnstown, was arrested by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office on suspicion of hiding the body of Patricia Barter, 62, who is suspected to have died of a drug overdose in February. My twin levels. Is informed.

Hilburn’s alleged accomplice, identified as Deborah Elgin, was also arrested. He faces a count of concealment of a human corpse charge, a Class E crime that could carry a sentence of up to four years in prison.

Barter’s body was discovered Feb. 14 after police received an anonymous call to investigate the welfare of the deceased, who shared an apartment on Baird Street with Hilburn and Elgin. When police asked the suspects about the barter, they looked distraught and then took the policemen to the next bedroom, where deputies found him dead on the bed.

Barter has been dead for some time, police said. The suspects lived with the body under the same roof and even hosted several parties in the apartment the following week, police said. Latin Times

The accused said they did not inform the police that their other illegal activities would come to light. Deputies from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office arrested Hillburn and two of his associates for criminal possession of a hypodermic device at a traffic stop.

John Stone Police Chief David Gulbo said. ABC 10. He arrived at Barter’s apartment when someone informed him of a corpse. Gulbo said police suspect Elgan and Hillburn also made purchases using Barter’s Social Security debit card.

In November last year, a Florida woman was arrested for hiding her roommate’s body in a trash can in order to collect her Social Security benefits after her death. Michelle Honey, 48, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault while confessing to hiding the body for personal gain. June Leonard, 40, was reportedly receiving 12 1,200 a month in Social Security. After Leonard died of natural causes, Honey stuffed his body into a cell and kept it for three weeks. Police found the body in a highly decomposed state.

Representation Photo: Pixabay

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