September 18, 2021

The woman’s half-naked body was found wrapped in a plastic bag. Insects were crawling on the body.

A very rotten body of a woman was found inside a plastic bag thrown on the side of a highway in India.

Police in the northern state of Punjab, where the woman’s body was found, arrived at the scene on Saturday when a farmer informed them of the body. The man was returning home after seeing a plastic bag on Khar Rupar Highway in Mohali district. Times Now Is informed.

The body was so badly mutilated that it was difficult to identify the victim immediately. The farmer who saw the body and alerted the police has been identified as Lakhwir Singh. According to Indian Express, Singh told police he saw the stench near the fields and thought it might be a dead animal. As he approached to inspect, he found the woman’s rotten body. Singh reported the body to local villagers and police.

A police team arrived at the scene and found a half-naked body, wrapped in a plastic bag, with worms crawling on it.

“It looked as if the body had been dumped three or four days ago. We have placed the body in the morgue and informed the local and neighboring police stations so that we can be informed about the missing persons in their areas as the body is still there.” “After the post-mortem, we will be able to find out more details and injuries,” the Indian Express quoted a police officer as saying.

Police have not yet revealed whether the case is related to rape.

Authorities have registered a case under sections 302 (murder) and 201 (destruction of evidence) of the Indian Penal Code. The incident is currently under investigation.

Last week, the decomposed body of a 52-year-old man reported missing in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh was found four days later on a farm. The man was allegedly abducted and beheaded when he failed to repay a loan. Police have arrested two people on charges of kidnapping and killing the man.

Police line.
Police Line Photo: Stacey River / Getty Images

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