September 21, 2021

The wind power firm aims to eliminate numbness in the whole with tulip-shaped turbines.

For some, wind turbines are a symbol of commitment to the green planet. Others find them noisy, dangerous and ugly.

Now, a firm based in the Netherlands and the US hopes to deal with Nambi (not in my backyard) complaints with its tulip-shaped ‘eco-art’ design. Flower turbines. They say their products pose no threat to birds or other wildlife, and make a noise that occurs at such a low frequency that humans cannot hear it.

They are designed to be installed by businesses that want to improve their durability through artistic expression.

Roy Osanga, European director of Flower Turbines (pictured, third from right) said: “Our product – compared to large windmills – looks quiet and good, which makes it very successful in urban construction.”

Main photo: Flower Turbines / John D. Groin

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