September 18, 2021

The wife of the man who killed the children on conspiracy theories wants to meet and get answers.

Matthew Taylor Coleman shocked and confused everyone around him when it was revealed that he had killed his two children over the infamous QAnon conspiracy theory. His wife, Abby Coleman, who was devastated by the deaths of their children – two-year-old Calio and 10-month-old Roxy, now wants to see her husband and get some answers.

Matthew Coleman, a 40-year-old surfing instructor who lived with his family in Santa Barbara, abruptly dropped his children in his van on August 7 and left. His wife, who was packing for a camping trip at the time, wondered what had happened.

The mother called the police, but told them she did not believe the children were in danger. She clarified that there was no quarrel or marital quarrel between her and her husband and said that he would eventually return home with Kalio and Roxy.

Contrary to his beliefs, Coleman took the children to Mexico, took them two days later to a field, where he shot them with a spear, and returned to his hotel a few hours later. The bodies of the children were found by a farmer and Coleman was arrested as he tried to cross the border and return to the United States.

According to charging documents, Coleman told police he was influenced by QAnon, a misguided theory of a right-wing conspiracy that alleges a devil’s cable, bullying pedophile, a global child sex trafficking. Ring the ring and conspiring against former President Donald Trump during his tenure. . He said he was “enlightened by the Canon and Illuminati conspiracy theories and that he was gaining traction and clues” which showed that his wife had “snake DNA” and that he passed it on to his children. Moved.

The accused believed that his children needed to be killed to save the world, otherwise they would have become monsters.

A family friend said. the people. The magazine “Abby Destroyed” by the crime that destroyed her life. The friend said, “She is confused, stunned and devastated. She had no idea she had thought of all this. She feels like she’s just taken away. Her brain.” Something must have happened to me. “

With the death of her children and the imprisonment of her husband, there are many questions about the sudden storm in Abby’s life. Her friend said, “She hopes that one day she will be able to answer him face to face. But for now, she is just sad. We are all.”

Kevin Weir Jr.
Crime Scan does not cross / Photo by: Yumi Homara from Yuki Homa, Japan via Wikimedia Commons
Yomi Kimura / Wikimedia Commons

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