October 18, 2021

The wedding planner revealed a clever ploy to get guests to sign a guest book on their big day.

GUESTBOOKS make a great gift for your big day, but often the bride and groom never end up with as many messages as they expected.

A wedding planner has revealed the trick she swears to get guests to sign a guestbook.


A wedding planner has revealed the trick she swears to get guests to sign a guestbook.Credit: TIKTOK / gritandgraceeventsco / tiktok
She says the book has a pre-written message. "Simple yet effective" As it encourages others to pick up the pen.


She says having a pre-written message in the book is “simple but so effective” because it encourages others to pick up the pen.Credit: TIKTOK / gritandgraceeventsco / tiktok

This can be due to a number of reasons such as guests either having too much fun to remember to leave a small note for the newly married Mr. and Mrs., not to assume that there is a guestbook or just not to know that What to write

But, if you really want to make a guest book on your wedding day, a professional wedding planner has revealed the secret of picking up a pen for guests.

Tick ‚Äč‚Äčtock user ritgritandgraceeventsco, also known as California Wedding Planner online, is known for sharing your trips and tricks to make sure your big day goes smoothly.

A gossip is a tip to ensure the whole book she swears by and she insists it’s “so easy, yet so effective”.

In a video she shared on social media, which has been viewed nearly half a million times since it was posted, she says: “Do you want to make sure that people at your wedding Sign your guestbook? “

“Because most guests come to your wedding, look at the guestbook and don’t write anything – for fear of getting it wrong or not really knowing what to say.

The planner revealed: “I have a trick that I use in every wedding and it works like a charm.”

She advises: “Write a message in advance in your guestbook to your wedding coordinator or family member.

“So when other guests come, they know exactly what to do and they actually write in it. So easy, but so effective!”

Her post encouraged others to share how she managed to save these emotional messages, with hundreds of comments on her post.

One person revealed: “I went to a wedding this weekend and they put it up with the bar so people could sign while waiting in line!”

Another said: “We had a Polaroid camera and the bridal party went first to encourage people to use it. It worked great! Every guest did it!”

A third wrote: “I kept my little cousin to sign the guests.”

Another shared that he is so determined to use his guestbook during his wedding that he is announcing a DJ during the reception.

“I will announce my DJ to sign the guest book during the cocktail,” he said. “I think a lot of people forget or don’t see it!”

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