October 28, 2021

The ‘wall of shame’ built to stop creek users is raging on the outskirts of Paris.

Paris authorities have built a tunnel connecting the French capital and the northeastern suburb of Pantone after relocating dozens of creek smokers to the area, a move that has sparked anger and frustration among residents. France reports from the “Wall of Shame” on 24 Paris Ring Road.

A woman who has no shoes, her clothes are torn, her arms are raised in the air as she steps into the sea of ​​oncoming traffic. Groups of men make their way between cars, pounding on driver’s windows and stopping at lights around Ring Road.

Dealers arrive in the gardens via the Porte de la Vallette in Paris shortly after sunrise. Pancakes Smoking rock up to five euros. Smokers, taking the first hit of the day, light their pipes on the floor as passengers approach them to work.

Just 100 meters away, on the other side of Ring Road, on the outskirts of Panton, parents take their children to school, regularly to their local cafes, to bakers and barbers, as volunteers to a community herb. Go to the herb garden.

Dozens of drug addicts were housed in the vicinity of Porte de la Vallette last Friday, much to the chagrin of residents.
Dozens of drug addicts were housed in the vicinity of Porte de la Vallette last Friday, much to the chagrin of residents. Charlotte Wilkins, France 24.

But a wall erected last Friday erected a tunnel between the two areas, connecting Paris and its poorest suburbs. Department Anger has spread among the locals of Saint-Denis.

For the inhabitants of Pantone, the wall blocks the footpath to the capital, fails to protect them from the decades-long crack problem in Paris, and is a sign of their separation from the French capital.

Graffiti is read on the newly constructed wall in the Pentecost, pointing to the “Wall of Shame, thank you Darmenin”, France. Strict interior minister, Whose decision was to build a wall.

The wall is “not a solution,” said Madame Benjendi, a local who lives next door to a newly built wall when she returned from school.

“I’m really, really anxious,” he said. “It’s not going to stop. Crackers (Stop drug addicts from coming here, “he said, pointing to a nearby road where drug users can access instead.

But he acknowledged that the wall had given him some protection. “I know it doesn’t follow a lot of people. But for me personally, it’s a shortcut for drug users.

Her neighbor, Madame CDB, whose balcony overlooks the newly blocked Passage Force Wall, said she was “really scared.” “I love the area but I want to move there whenever I want,” he said.

Sofiane, a 36-year-old hairdresser, said that although the wall has stopped about 80 percent of drug users, clients will now stop coming to the store where he works.

“Parents will no longer send their children here alone,” he said, adding that life in the area was becoming increasingly “unbearable”.

Sufian, 36, says life has become a thing of the past. "Unbearable" And that customers will start moving elsewhere.
Sophian, 36, says life at Pantene has become “unbearable” and that customers will start moving elsewhere. Charlotte Wilkins, France 24.

Pantene residents are angry that they were not given any advance warning about the wall – it was built without consulting local authorities – and that most of them have heard about it from the press or on social media. Found out.

Cyclists in Pentecost now face the wreckage of Ring Road in Port de la Vallette, while pedestrians have to run the gauntlet of dozens of “walking dead” creek smokers as they head into the subway.

‘Really, really unpleasant’

Residents were particularly angry that Darman said the creek addict’s home was chosen “August Baron” because “it was far from the residents.”

“Are we ghosts?” Madam Issa, 36, said she pointed to dozens of locals, pottery studios, and sectarian herb gardens, pointing to buildings.Not too far“Association on the Ro Brothers. “These people have never set foot here, so how will they know what’s going on?”

“I’m really, really bored,” she said, holding her two young children tightly as she stared down at the wall.

“I don’t want to be afraid to come home in the evening and have to look at my back. I feel a little weak here with my two children. What should I do if I am attacked?”

There was a bit of anger on the part of Pantene residents towards the drug users themselves, but there was anger and frustration at the failure by Paris authorities to tackle the drug problem that has devastated northeastern Paris for the past three decades. – And the decision to park it is a suburb that has its own problems.

Rani Adiri, 62, who owns a neighboring flash bar, said: “It’s adding to the trouble.

St. Denis, 93, is the poorest. Department In France, “he added,” the standard of living in the region has deteriorated rapidly over the last 15 years

Drug addicts have to be relocated to the area. "Adding trouble to trouble," Flash bar owner Rani Ediri says.
Rani Ediri, owner of Flash Bar, says moving drug addicts to the area “adds to the misery.” Charlotte Wilkins, France 24.

The growing number of homeless and undocumented migrants stranded on Ring Road has been fueled by an increase in crime and violence, and the Quarter Cayman area is now a hotbed of cigarette smugglers, aggressive street vendors and the occasional homicide, Ediri said. Is infamous

“It’s a poor neighborhood, so you’re adding poverty to poverty.”

Shame on France.

“It’s a disgrace to build a wall to separate Paris from the suburbs,” Adri said. “Politically, this wall is a disgrace – it’s a disgrace to France.”

There are huge parks in Paris – Jordan du Luxembourg, Bolgen and Vincennes. Why bring them here? He shrugged

“Money matters,” said one of his regular, 53-year-old imams. “They don’t want tourists to see them in Paris, so they put them here.”

All locals want a determined and long-term solution to the problem that has plagued Paris for the past three decades.

Two years after the launch of the مل 9 million anti-crack plan, the issue shows little sign of ending.

The number of crack users in the Paris region is currently around 13,000, an increase in female users According to OFDT (French Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction) The report was published earlier this year.

The report described the French government’s anti-crack policy as “ad hoc” rather than a long-term strategy.

The report added that “the expansion of the crack market over the last 30 years … explains the” failure of public policies “with the emergence of a new supply side for players from the backward suburbs.”

Creek smokers first gathered around the Place de la Bیلtele de Stalingrad in 19.Th Arrondissement (District) In the 1980s, before finally setting up camp on the infamous “Creek Hill” on Ring Road.

When the “hill” was removed in 2019, consumers spread to the northeast of the city.

Many returned to Stalingrad, where hundreds of homeless people were seen roaming the deserted streets of the capital during the lockdown and curfew of Cove 19 by France.

Authorities grouped them. The upper half of the Eole Gardens In 18Th Arrondissement, Just to get them out again in late June, where they once again roamed around Stalingrad.

Paris police chief Didier Lleimann admitted last week that the presence of creek addicts “near several schools” had become “unbearable”.

Kick in the teeth

The first 80 addicts were evacuated from the vicinity of the gardens last Friday to the site of August Barron near Porte de la Vallette. Dozens more will follow in the coming days.

For those struggling to improve living conditions in the pantheon, the influx of addicts and the building of the wall comes as a kick in the teeth.

Louis Robert, an architect who works. Not too far The association, which is visible directly on the wall, is worried that their plans for a children’s climbing wall and community garden will now be blocked.

Rue Berthier, where the tunnel barrier was built, is home to a community garden.
Rue Berthier, where the tunnel barrier was built, is home to a community garden. Charlotte Wilkins, France 24.

Not too far, Which doubles as one. Solidarity enough, It aims to provide a place where women can gather in the community.

“Just look, there aren’t many women in the area. Women weren’t very popular in public places around here before. Now they’ll feel invisible,” he said.

“Sending young people to the suburbs, especially to St. Denis, is a terrible message,” Jeffrey Carvalho, a member of the Pantone Municipal Council, told France 24 by phone.

“It’s a disgrace,” he continued. “It is creating divisions between Paris and one of its suburbs. You have the rich on one side and the proletariat on the other.

"At Pantone, we (Interior Minister Gerald) are better off without Darmanin.", Reads this wardrobe.
“In Pantene, we (Interior Minister Gerald) are better off without Darmen,” reads the placard. Charlotte Wilkins, France 24.

“They think we’re poor, we won’t stink,” said Celine, a 42-year-old activist protesting against the wall in the evening.

“But they don’t know anything,” he said with a smile.

When protesters shouted on Ring Road and residents held placards saying “Treat them, protect us” and “Pentecost is better without Darmen”, locals agreed to demand a serious long-term strategy on the creek. .

“The government, the mayor of Paris, has to stop spending that money,” said Yugo Bajoks, a 27-year-old city planner.

“This wall represents it. dead end Public authorities policy on the creek (dead end).

"Treat them, protect us," The placard was read in protest of the wall's crackdown on creek users in the area.
“Treat them, protect us,” is the placard read in protest against the influx of crack users, and there is a wall in the area to stop them. Charlotte Wilkins, France 24.


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