October 18, 2021

The wall, inspired by Glasgow student artwork, will be painted on the school facing the wall before COP26.

The wall, inspired by the students’ artwork at Hillhead Primary, is to be painted on the wall in front of the school to highlight the need for planetary care before the COP26 summit.

Glasgow City Council Has approved the design plans, created by artist Trajik Ohara, who worked with school children earlier this year.

The project was set up by Hillhead Primary’s parent council to help tackle graffiti and help children learn “we need to take care of our world”.

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Glasgow Times:

It will be painted by Lifestyle Express, the ground floor shop on Gibson Street. The store is having problems with graffiti’s “recurring cycle”, and hopefully this art will help prevent further problems.

Artist Tragic Ohara has previously worked on projects, including a 10-foot flat-pack Santa statue and a makeshift Argyle Street shark wall.

A request from Halehead Primary Parent Council to Nanika Basu to the council states: “This wall was designed by artist Mr. T. O’Hara, with the direct collaboration of Hillhead Primary School primary school children. In May 2021, in anticipation of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). “The children discussed that we need to take care of ourselves. World And take care of biodiversity. He collected more than 100 artworks thinking about these themes to design a wall for this wall.

“The message is that our world is beautiful and can be as fragile as paper. If we tear up the ecosystem and fail to take care of our world, what will the future hold for children?”

Hillhead’s parent council has raised funds to cover the cost of producing the art, and has sent a letter to neighbors to help.

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The petition added: “This wall is often broken with graffiti and needs regular painting by the owner and tenant of 37 Gibson Street with the help of the City Council.

“Because of this local graffiti issue, we contacted the owner and tenant, as well as local residents and businesses, to ask if the community wall described above would be welcomed.”

In a letter to neighbors, the parent council said the project aims to “beautify the wall and reduce graffiti tags” as well as help children “contribute to their community and take care of the world around them.” “To teach.

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