September 20, 2021

The US Postal Service added 34 sites to the new local delivery pilot, including Paris. Free.

DALLAS – The U.S. Postal Service’s pilot offering for neighborhood businesses has covered 34 North Texas sites. USPS Connect Local Pilot launched on July 19 at seven Dallas and Houston sites and is now available at 385 Texas Postal Service locations. More pilot locations will be added in the coming months as operational capabilities are improved.

Connect Local now includes the Paris Post Office, 500 Clarks Will Cent, with zip codes 75460, 75461 and 75462.

USPS Connect helps local businesses and institutions deliver affordable local-to-local one-day or next-day packages at affordable prices. It is part of a broader USPS Connect program that is being phased out to meet the growing consumer demand for faster local and regional deliveries and returns to businesses.

USPS Connect Local Pilot allows business users direct access to the Postal Service’s last mail delivery network. Once business users enroll in the program and agree to the terms and conditions, they enter the package information online, then bring their prepaid-labeled packages directly to the back dock of the postal service that they have. The package is close to the destination. In return, they receive a delivery rate that is usually only available to large ships.

“This is the first time in the organization’s history that we have initiated such a process,” said Jockey Kerge Straco, USPS’s Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer and Executive Vice President. “We’re excited to offer affordable fast delivery options to help neighborhood businesses meet and grow customer needs.”

USPS Connect is a key component of the organization’s 10-year Delivering to America plan and is expected to target ڈالر 24 billion in net revenue by offering direct access to the postal service’s delivery network. Will contribute

It will also help businesses meet today’s e-commerce expectations. According to a recent report, 87% of consumers say the shipping experience directly affects their purchasing decisions with a merchant. Another recent report found that half of consumers (51%) have purchased more than local retailers in the past six months, and experts expect this trend to continue.

How USPS Connect Local Pilot works:

Businesses submit their contact information here. TO

The USPS representative contacts them online to agree to the terms and conditions.

Next, they visit USPS Click-N-Ship online to enter package information, print shipping labels, pay for postage and receive tracking numbers, all in one place. No software integration required.

They then bring their prepaid-labeled packages directly to the back dock of the designated postal facility for the same day delivery on the first morning (5-7 p.m.), or in zip-coded areas the next day. Delivered to this location 30 minutes prior to receipt of delivery.

Carriers provide packages as part of their daily routine.

For information, business users can email 855-MY-USPS-CONNECT (855-698-7772) from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EDT Monday through Friday. [email protected], Or visit.

USPS Connect helps fulfill the 246-year-old mission of the Postal Service to connect the nation by facilitating local trade. USPS is the only carrier that operates six days a week, and often seven days, at every address in every community in the country.

The postal service generally does not charge any tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of mail, products and services for its operations.


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