September 22, 2021

The union retaliated against the COP 26 strike threat on Glasgow SNP MSPs.

A rail union has retaliated against Glasgow SNPMSPs who called for the suspension of strike belts in November for action affecting COP 26 in Glasgow.

The Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMT) is voting for members to take action on the dates that coincide with the summit. World The leaders will be in Glasgow.

He is in dispute with Scott Rail over pay and sees the summit as a way to make his demands known.

However, five SNPMSPs in the city have said that the people will not look kindly on the obstruction in the meeting.

The union said the MSPs showed “bare-faced cheeks” and one accused accused them of doing nothing while workers fought for better pay.

Instead of focusing on member calls, MSPs are targeting “London-based” leadership.

Their joint statement urges the union to negotiate rather than strike.

The operation will take place during a summit in the first two weeks of November.

The five MSPs are Bob Doris, Mary Hale and Springburn, James Dornen, Keith Cart, Bill Kidd, Annesland, John Mason, Shettlestown and Kokab Stewart, Calvin City SNPMSPs who are not members of the Scottish Government. Are

He said: “We support the right of every worker and union to enter into a wage agreement with their employers, but in this case, it is an unsupportive way for union London owners to start negotiations.
People of Scotland – and the watching world – can’t look kindly on the rail union set up to disrupt this important summit. COP26 is critical to the future of this planet. The whole world is looking forward to and anticipating an agreement to combat code red for humanity that we have all been warned about.
The union retaliated, accusing the MSP of “bare-faced cheeks.”

General Secretary McLinch said: “Sitting behind him for six months as Scottrail’s staff has been fighting for basic pay justice and equality, the sudden embarrassing statement for the SNP is a complete bare face. Away from quarrels.

“For the political elite of the Establishment in Scotland, using COP26 to reduce the salaries of its members is extremely lousy, according to the railway staff.

I have repeatedly called for a summit meeting with Nicola Sturgeon to resolve the breakdown in Scottish Railways’ industrial relations, which is in its infancy, and I will demand from the Chief Minister that he Stop attacking staff and accept this offer immediately.

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