October 18, 2021

The union announced that Scott Rail workers would strike during COP26 in Glasgow.

Scott Rail engineers, who are members of the United Union, will go on strike during the crucial COP26 climate talks in Glasgow next month.

A series of 24-hour walkouts will begin in the coming weeks due to “reckless” actions by the management of Abilene Scottrell and their “failure” to offer reasonable pay to United Dubs.

The walkout will be with COP26 on the following dates: October 18-19, November 1-2, November 10-11 and November. 12-13.

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The strike will affect several railway depots, workplaces and stations. These include Bathgate Depot, Corkhall (Glasgow) Depot, Dilmoir, Glasgow Central, Glasgow Queen Street, Edinburgh High Market Depot, Edinburgh Overlay, Inverness Depot, Motherwell, Perth, Shields (Glasgow) Depot, and Ukker Depot. The strike will begin at different times and on different dates.

The strike for the conductors has been going on for almost six months due to which the rail network was severely disrupted on Sunday.

Crunch Pay talks are expected to take place tomorrow, but Unite’s claim “no pay offer” is on the table.

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Unit Industrial Officer Pete McLaughlin said: “Unit has no choice but to respond to the reckless behavior shown by the Abelio Scratil management.

“While the talks are going on, these talks have not yielded anything at all. There has been no salary offer and no movement from the company. The talks have been called off and the strike during COP26 has avoided national embarrassment. Has been used as a delay tactic for the Climate Change Conference which is being held in Glasgow.

“Well, these tactics have been brilliantly put behind us because our engineering members will now have several 24-hour stops in the coming weeks.”

“We want the Scottish people to know that we have put an end to this process. ۔

“The strike is now in full swing and the COP26 Climate Change Conference will be hit hard by the Schombolok Company. Scotland Immediate intervention is needed because the Abelio Scottrail administration clearly lacks the manpower and the ability, humility and intelligence to carry out its responsibilities to the Scottish people.

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