September 18, 2021

The twin Atlantic drummers announced their separation from the Glasgow band.

Twin Atlantic drummer Craig Kennel has announced that he will step down from the band after 15 years.

Glasgow Rocker confirmed the “heavy hearted” news in a post on the band’s Facebook page this morning.

Next week’s show will be Craig’s last performance with the band, but he says he’s looking forward to it “with the same enthusiasm” with his first flick.

He said: “Hello! This is Craig. It is with a heavy heart and many great memories that I have decided to retreat from the Twin Atlantic.”

“I love this band and I still believe big things are ahead – but it seems like the right time for me to jump in and do something new.

“Being able to travel the world and play. Music It is a great honor to be with my best friends for 15 years.

“For everyone who has been supporting the band for years – you are the fuel that makes sense. Thank you.

“Next week’s shows will be the last for me now and I look forward to them with the same enthusiasm as I did my first.

“It’s a pleasure to be in a band with Sam, Ross + Berry. It still feels like a dream.”

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The news came as Twin Atlantic announced their new album ‘Transparency’ yesterday, which they put “a new stamp” on their band.

Fans can now pre-order the album from Twin Atlantic’s official store, giving them early access to their UK tour starting next spring.

The Glasgow Band will also perform. Stage Next week on TRNSMT.

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