September 20, 2021

The TV movie shows Maggie dying in the wreckage of a car like Diana ‘Memories of Prince Harry as’ to hit Camilla’

Prince Harry Target Camilla Parker will speak in her £ 29M memoir

Prince Harry will target his stepmother Camilla Parker Bowles in a 29 29 million memoir and may even call her a “royal racist”.

Former Princess Diana Butler says Duke is “ready to divulge any Camilla secrets” as he prepares a mess in his 2022 memoir.

According to Burrell, the 36-year-old will not leave behind the woman who “stepped into Diana’s shoes” after her death, because her publishers “want the value of their money”. But that could only exacerbate the royal family’s ongoing feud, as they believe Prince Charles would be “uneasy” if he tarnished the Duchess of Cornwall.

His much-anticipated four-book deal, which promises to explore the “ups and downs” of his extraordinary life, has already found the castle on the pins اور and now the former royal butler is convinced that he And “details.

The 63-year-old told Closer magazine: “The publisher, Penguin, will undoubtedly want the value of their money in this book deal. That means they won’t want ambiguity – they will want names and details.

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