October 18, 2021

The transfer to Real Madrid is not a ‘deal’ for the Embapi family.

New details keep coming to light in the story of the transfer from Killian Mbabane to Real Madrid. Although everyone outside Paris Saint-Germain believes the Frenchman will move on to a free transfer next summer, the player’s own mother, Faiza Lamari, has revealed that this is not a “fixed deal”.

Apparently, Lamarri confirmed that Mbabane had decided to leave Paris this summer, although the deal was terminated due to PSG’s refusal to accept Real Madrid’s offers. With the summer and the season in full swing behind us, he revealed that his son did not necessarily have to make the move.

“When the PSG told us he was staying, [Kylian] He told me: ‘Mom, have you seen who I will play with this year? It’s best to stay with the team this year to win the title, in the summer, even if it doesn’t work out on its own.

Furthermore, Lamari revealed that although he and Mbabane’s father are now separated, they both agree that this is not the right time to join Los Blancos. “When [Kylian] He wanted to go to Real Madrid, his father didn’t want him and I told him to wait. [the] Paris 2024. [Olympics]”But he had his reasons and we supported him,” he said in an interview. Lee Pearson