September 22, 2021

The transfer of Barcelona to Atletico is under investigation by La Liga

FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are believed to be working on a transfer swap this summer with Antonin Griezmann and Saul Nguyen. The transfer has not yet been confirmed, but it is now thought that La Liga Santander will keep a close eye on the deal.

Although the transfer agreement is called a “player swap”, it is not really a barter trade in Spain. Basically, both teams still need to set the right prices for their players, and that amount must be met by both sides before the exchange can move forward.

After FC Barcelona became desperate to offload Griezmann next season and take a massive pay cut from his wage bill, La Liga wants to make sure that when the transition is around There is no such thing as “accounting” when it comes to accounting.

According to Spanish media outlets Radio Brand And El Partazazo di Cope, Griezmann is expected to cost up to 72 million euros. If it is sold for less than that amount, Barcelona is effectively selling at a loss. Despite being part of last season’s La Liga-winning squad, the Negroes are not as capable. The values ​​of the two players are not commensurate, but Barcelona have other problems to worry about.