September 21, 2021

The Texas House introduced a bill to restore money to pay the salaries of 2,100 government employees after the government. Greg Abbott vetoed legislative funding. Free.

AUSTIN – The Texas House on Wednesday gave the legislature an initial oak that would restore funding for the salaries and benefits of 2,100 employees of the post-government legislature branch, among other things. Greg Abbott vetoed those dollars in the next dollar budget.

Legislation, House Bill 5, will require another seal of approval in the House before it can go to the Senate, which has not yet debated a version of the proposal.

The bill, passed by House Appropriations Chair Greg Bonan, R-Friendwood, will reinstate approximately 31 6,316 million in Article X of the 2022-23 state budget, which provides funding to the legislature and various legislative agencies, such as the law. Abbott, the instrumental reference library and the Legislative Budget Board, vetoed the dollars in retaliation earlier this year when the House Democrats walked out of the chamber in the last hours of the regular legislative session, which ends in May. The veto did not affect lawmakers, whose salaries are constitutionally protected.

HB5 will also add dollars to Abbott’s special session agenda for the next two years, including ڈالر 90 million to Family and Protective Services to address the state’s foster care crisis and more than 17 17 million to information resources. To intensify the state’s cyber security efforts.

Under HB5, additional funding will go to address many other issues. The Texas Teacher Retirement System, for example, will receive more than 700 million annually to assist in the implementation of one-time payments for retired teachers, counselors and other school staff – unless the partner approves the proposal. To be passed during legislation. Becomes special session and law.

After vetoing Abbott’s legislative funding, the governor added restoring those dollars to his first and second special session agendas. But during the first overtime round, legislation on the issue derailed after the House Democrats broke the quorum a second time to block the passage of the GOP election bill.

Funding for the legislature was due to expire on September 1, when the next two-year budget would take effect, but Abbott and other Republican leaders announced earlier this month that they had received additional funding. Lee, legislate some time to buy and restore them dollars.

A group of Democrats and state officials argued that Abbott’s veto was unconstitutional and called on the Texas Supreme Court to overturn Abbott’s veto. But the All-Republican court rejected the request, saying in its opinion that “this political dispute within the legislative branch is not a matter of separation of powers that we can decide.”

During the second special session, the House unanimously passed a House Bill specifically on the Legislative Fund but has not yet come to the floor for discussion. His fellow lawmakers in the Senate have not yet debated the full chamber.


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