September 20, 2021

The temperature in Glasgow will reach 26 degrees Celsius in the mini heatwave.

In the last blast of sunshine before the temperature drops, SCOTS is ready to enjoy a mini heatwave over the next week.

Temperatures are set to reach 22C this weekend this summer, as well as 26 degrees Celsius in Glasgow next week.

Scots in the late summer sun next week with a height of 26C.


Scots in the late summer sun next week with a height of 26C.Credit: Scholar
Temperatures will rise in Scotland next Wednesday.


Temperatures will rise in Scotland next Wednesday.Credit: WXCHARTS

Today, sunny scenes across the country from noon to evening – especially in the west with high temperatures of 22C and 21C.

A maximum of 19C and 20C is likely to be cold.

Over the weekend, the sun will continue to rise for the Scots but with cloudy days over the weekend.

Heavy clouds are expected on Saturday morning, with temperatures dropping to 12 degrees Celsius by noon.

It is then set to warm up with a height of 18C until 9pm.

On Sunday, the country is set to see an altitude of 22C, especially on the central strip and east coast.

Looks like the new season has a double chance of getting warmer than usual.

The Met Office’s long-distance forecast also predicts that the weather will be drier than wet.

The best weather will be in the west around Glasgow and the Strathclyde area.

Next week, Monday begins with a hot but extremely cloudy day, but temperatures will still rise to 18C between 3pm and 6pm.

Yellow-skinned Scott shows a bright red all-body sunburn in a heatwave warning for all of us.

The cloud is due to rise on Tuesday, covering a little until 3 p.m.

Wednesday meant the hottest day of the week with 26 degrees Celsius.

Thursday looks promising with sunshine.

First, we explained how. The lack of rain is causing concern between the two government quarters, which are responsible for water.

Weatherman was killed in a home-based disaster after a pet dog’s gate crashed in Hurricane Ida.

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