October 17, 2021

The Tea and Memories pop-up shop will help bring back years in the East Antrim.

Tea and Memories. The week, which begins October 18, takes place in a new pop-up shop on the city’s High Street, thanks to access to the movie archive jam, which is full of more than 1,500 provocative scenes from those tours.

The pop-up shop program is an initiative of the Mid and East Interim Borough Council, which runs through August 2022 in Carrefourgus, Balemina and Larne Town Centers. Here

Movies will cover everything from news to commercials to holidays, transport, work, home life, sports, hobbies and more.

The Abbeyfield and Wesley Housing Association is offering ‘Tea and Memories’ in Carrefourgis next week.

The event, organized by the Abbeyfield and Wesley Housing Association, will help evoke fond memories. It has already successfully piloted charities in Northern Ireland, and now wants to allow other members of the community to visit the archives while enjoying the Copa and good company.

Sally Kempton, Community Engagement Manager at Abbeyfield and Wesley Charity, said: “We are coming out of almost two years of lockdown and loneliness for many older people in the community. To get them out in a safe environment and to be social and to relive the memories of life during their early years in Northern Ireland. We have piloted together and as a result we have lit up new relationships and friendships. We have no doubt that we can do with magic in the wider community what tea and memories are all about.

Ethel, a local Abbey Field resident, attended a recent session and said: “I loved it. It brought back so many memories and it was great to talk to others about the things we all do. We all enjoyed a good laugh with him.

With two daily sessions, at 10.30am and 2.00pm, the event aims to exclude older members of the community who have been isolated during the Cove 19 epidemic. Booking required: Email. [email protected]

The Abbeyfield and Wesley Housing Association manages subsidiaries and shelters in a number of locations, including Baliklear, Carrick, Greenland and Newtownby. It also operates shelters in Creek, Newtownby and Belfast.

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