September 23, 2021

The tax report refutes Jamie Lin’s claims that he never made a profit from Britney Spears.

Recent tax records show that Britney Spears bought a condo for her sister Jamie Lane a few years ago, which seems to contradict the latter’s claim that she did not receive financial support from the singer. Is.

Document obtained by Fox News The company, which is owned by the pop star, showed that it had submitted a property bill to its siblings in Flor Dustin, Florida. He bought the estimate for more than 10 10 million. The company was listed under Burjmar Timber LLC, which it has owned since 2000 and has been partially owned by its father, Jamie Spears, since early 2012.

The same company was mentioned in court documents from 2009 for Spears’ conservatism case. He even listed “Florida-based condominium” as one of the singer’s assets.

Jamie Lin once talked about it being the place where he wrote his song “Sleepover” and was proud that it had to be big enough to accommodate ten people. He said it belonged to either her or the Spears family. But Britney’s fans disagreed, saying the condo belonged to the singer.

The report confirms previous claims by the “Zoe 101” star about her sister’s good fortune. In 2019, she responded to a NewsNews idea that she was taking financial advantage of Britney and wrote in a deleted comment that she had “never been paid a penny” by her sister.

“It’s his hard-earned money, and I don’t deserve even one percent of it. I won’t spend the money I earned,” he wrote in response to a man’s claim that he only Britney is supporting so she won’t lose. Allowance

In a video she shared in response to Britney’s controversial conservative hearing last month, she shared that she never profited from her sister. He also said that conservatism does not affect it in any way. She explained that she had been working since the age of nine and had been paying her bills since she was ten.

Then on July 6, Jamie Lin told Netizens to “break – ** be alone” when she shared a Daily Mail report saying she was not on Britney’s payroll but “just a family member.” “Yes. “Facts.”

Jamie Lynn Spears
Britney Spears younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears.
Jamie Glam / Reuters

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