September 19, 2021

The Taliban killed the woman for not cooking. The victim’s daughter tells a horrible story.

During the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, a woman first describes the torture she suffered at the hands of her mother.

Although many Afghan militant groups are fleeing the country to seek protection from oppression, those who fail to do so fear for their lives every day. Women have been the worst victims of occupation, forcing all female students to drop out of school and college and live a life of uncertainty.

The Taliban are now insisting that they will not repeat the barbarity of their previous regime. However, one woman spoke recently. CNN About the constant threat to the lives of women and girls during the Taliban regime. Maneza (aka), a woman from a small village in northern Afghanistan, recalled the killing of her mother by militants in the weeks before she left the United States.

Maneza revealed that she and her three siblings were at their home with their widowed mother, Najia, June 12 when Taliban fighters knocked on their door. The man, who had previously begged for food at home for three consecutive days, asked his 45-year-old mother to cook for 15 militants again.

However, that day his mother refused and said to him, “I am poor, how can I cook for you?” Maneza recalled the incident.[The Taliban] My mother fell and they hit her with their guns – AK-47s.

Maneza shouted to stop the militants, but when they finally stopped beating, they threw a grenade into the next room and burst out of the house. His mother succumbed to her injuries. Eyewitnesses in the village also confirmed the incident, but the Taliban denied the killing.

Kimberly Motley, a civil rights lawyer, said of the new government’s impact on women: “I don’t even see women on the streets in Kabul. It’s just ugly. What’s happening is ugly. They are afraid of being forced. They are afraid that if they take to the streets themselves, they will be stopped and asked, “Where is your male guardian?”

Taliban fighters in the eastern city of Jalalabad Photo: AFP / –

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