October 18, 2021

The sun picks up the property in the guest’s ‘silent’ place as the presenter picks the property in the ‘wrong country’

A gambler on a property in the “wrong country” left guests “silent” at a place in the sun after gambling.

Beverly and her mother Margaret commissioned presenter Sarah Damargi to find a rural family home in the amazing Umbrian region of Italy.

The guests were left speechless at the choice of the presenter.

The guests were left speechless at the choice of the presenter.

He did one in the Umbrian region of Italy

Channel 4

He searched for a “Fixer Upper” property in the Umbrian region of Italy.

The couple had 000 150,000 to spend – with an additional £ 25,000 that would be added as a vacation to find their perfect home in the countryside.

Sarah immediately got busy looking for five properties for Beverly, including a “risky” option that proved too much for the home hunter.

The Channel 4 guest was shocked to learn that the property was so “left field” that it was in a completely “different country”.

Property number one was a two-bedroom house available on a budget of 17 177,000 – including a three-bedroom, spacious floor plan.

“Lots of interesting features, the landscape is amazing but not convincing,” Beverly concluded the house, moving on to the first second choice.

At 4,134,000, the other three-bedroom house had a self-contained apartment that would make it ideal for guests.

“It’s a burglary,” Sarah said of the property, which Beverly agreed: “It’s a good feeling for her – you come here and it’s beautiful and comfortable.”

The third property blew things away – the magnificent three-bed farmhouse in Castiglion del Lago came in for just £ 143,000.

“It really surprised me,” said Mother Margaret, winning the two guests by a mile.

It was then that Sarah decided to try out a “gambling” property – as she went to show them a separate property that was a bit “doable”.

“It’s going to work a little bit – it’s a little bit dangerous and I’m not sure how it’s going to go down,” he told the cameras.

Sarah tried her best to pitch the property, telling Beverly and Margaret: “So this separate property is what we’re looking at.

“And you said you’d be open to seeing all sorts of things, something different. So, that’s it.”

Beverly stopped him quickly, as he immediately shouted: “It’s definitely different. I don’t know about the left field, it’s in a different country!”

Sarah admitted that she was “upset” because Margaret was stunned and claimed that she was “silent” about the choice.

“You two fools are a nuisance to me,” said Sarah.

Beverly dismissed it outright as “no” – and he quickly moved on to the fifth and final property, a three-bed house in Picano.

At the end of the search, despite liking the third property – the mood turned cold as Beverly refused to make any offer.

“Did you finish it?” Sarah said in surprise. “It’s a shock. I thought you’d make an offer like you said. It’s practically perfect.”

A place in the sun airs on Channel 4 on Saturdays at 3 p.m.

The guests were not impressed with the property.

The guests were not impressed with the property.

After winning a spot in the Sun’s Jane Johnson, the couple entered the ‘claustrophobic’ house before entering.

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