September 18, 2021

The student’s comment to Putin triggers a national debate in Russia.

The student, who corrected Vladimir Putin during a debate on history, sparked a debate in Russia about whether the state’s criticism of the head of state was acceptable.

During a face-to-face meeting with students as part of an educational marathon at the Ocean Children’s Center in Vladivostok, Nikonor Tolstoy, a student from Verkota, corrected Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was a little confused by the war.

“Please don’t count it … In general, it was called the Northern War, not the Seven Years’ War.”

Elena Groznik, school number one teacher. 35 In Vercotta, the boy thought he was a good companion, because he drew attention to the president’s mistake:

“It’s so fearless, we won’t lie. Maybe I’ll keep quiet. Maybe the other guys didn’t say anything because they either didn’t know about the war or were very shy. Maybe it was a passion that Nikanur had. Expressed, but there is nothing terrible here, “said the teacher.

Putin says what he thinks of the courageous student.

Russian President Vladimir Putin later said he was not angry. On the contrary, he was just happy with what the boy said. TASS He reportedly did not even pay attention to it.

“It can only make me happy: young boys know the history of the homeland well,” the Russian president praised the student.

Elena Groznich suggested that Nikanor Tolstoy could choose the teaching profession in the future:

“He chose many directions. Maybe it would be related to the conversation. He also said that he could go to work as a history teacher in school. He used to study a lot with the history teacher himself. Is.”

Yulia Ryabseva, head teacher at Worcotta School No. 35, on the contrary, felt the danger of the student’s comment:

“Perhaps, it is a collection of young people, when there is still a lack of contact with people who have already achieved a position in society, and healthy intentions that have allowed Nikanor to achieve certain results. My age will not allow me to act like this while talking to the President … Someone should be lenient not to correct others, including Vladimir Putin, “said the head teacher.

The Kremlin praised the student’s comments.

Putin’s official spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, apparently familiar with modern trends, arrived to announce that schoolboy Nikanor Tolstoy did not need to be reprimanded for his bold remarks.

“We are sure that no one will take out a child, especially such a talented and knowledgeable child. It is not arrogant at all; the child is good!” Said Dmitry Peskov.

Should teachers and students remain silent?

The story that continues with the school in the village of Ketov, in the Korgan region of Russia, shows the extent to which the head teachers of School No. 2 are. 35 in Vercotta was right in his troubles. Presented by authorities as a 21st century school, it opened its doors to children on September 1, 2021.

The problem, as the last Soviet general secretary Mikhail Gorbachev put it, was “buried” in the co-financing scheme. The main part of the construction was covered by the federal budget, and 50 million rubles – by the local authorities. He was supposed to pay a commission to the school in 2019, but for some reason the local authorities kept the money.

The parents of the school children tried to draw attention to the issue through the local media, but were immediately told that journalists could not only sympathize with them, but help the people because of the position of the local authorities. Could not

The initiative group decided to complain to the Russian president and seek help from the Ministry of Education. They started collecting signatures to find a solution to this problem. Yuri Leonov, a former head teacher at the school, said he was surprised by the teachers’ position:

“For some reason, the teachers refused to sign the petition for the new school. We later found out that all the teachers were warned not to sign the petition.”

Apparently this is the politeness that the head teacher of the school where Naknoor Tolstock is talking about was talking.

Law enforcement agencies also intervened.

“They knew the addresses of all the signatories. They were here. [to school] In the afternoon, he started searching the lists, asking who they had. We literally removed them the day before, which means someone reported to the police.

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