September 17, 2021

The street centers of the future are ready to replace the old phone boxes in Glasgow.

In Glasgow, old phone boxes will be removed and replaced with high-tech ‘tablets’ with free Wi-Fi and emergency buttons for 999 calls.

BT Future Equipment for Sochi Hall Street, Bochinan Bus Station, Argali Street and Celtic Park among others.

The 2.98-meter structure, called Street Hubs, will provide the public with free phone calls, super-fast Wi-Fi, device charging and 999 buttons.

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A statement submitted to Glasgow City Council. planning The BT department said: “We are transforming our legacy payphones into state-of-the-art, fiber-connected digital community hubs.

Existing phone boxes are ready to be moved to street centers.

Screens on alternative kiosks are able to display public service announcements, act as a community notice board, and display advertisements.

Other possible uses include monitoring, air and noise pollution, outdoor temperature and traffic conditions. Providing access to maps and giving directions is also a possibility.

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During epidemics, kiosks were used to provide health information throughout the UK.

BT has applied in Glasgow City. Council To allow LCD advertising displays to be hosted on both sides of the proposed BT Street Hub units in and around the city.

A document accompanying the plan states that the request for advertising consent has been made to the council “for the right to display advertisements on both sides of free-standing ‘street hub’ devices on brightly lit LCD screens.”

A BT spokesperson said: “More than 400 units of our existing Street Hub are already providing extensive economic, social and technological benefits to communities and local councils up and down the country.

The services include connecting locals, businesses and visitors with free Ultrafast Wi-Fi, and ensuring that people can contact emergency services or charity helplines when needed, he said.

The council is considering applications.

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